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925 Silver Chain (SC-0001)
925 Silver Chain (SC-0001)
925 Silver Chain (SC-0001)

925 Silver Chain (SC-0001)

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What is 925 silver?

Ultimately, it’s the same thing as sterling silver! Sterling silver and 925 silver are both made from the same silver alloy blend, with the only key difference being the name.

Sterling Silver in Jewelry

One of the best things about sterling silver is that it can be styled with anything. It’s versatile, elegant, timeless and great for any occasion. From casual dinners to formal occasions, sterling silver adds that classy touch of shine that elevates style without overpowering it. Here are some popular types of sterling silver jewelry:


  • Pendants: Jewelers and designers use sterling silver as an elegant and reliable metal casing for pendants to hold jewels and stones.


  • Rings: Many rings are made with sterling silver as it’s hypoallergenic and won’t leave marks or irritate the skin.


  • Necklaces: Sterling silver is often used for necklace chains and pendants.


  • Earrings: Often, earrings are made with cheaper metals which cause irritation and can lead to bleeding and infection. Next time you fall in love with a pair of earrings, make sure they’re sterling silver.


  • Bracelets: Add a touch of shine with the flick of a wrist with a gorgeous sterling silver bracelet.