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999 Pure Gold Lucky Ball Bracelet (PB999-03)
999 Pure Gold Lucky Ball Bracelet (PB999-03)
999 Pure Gold Lucky Ball Bracelet (PB999-03)
999 Pure Gold Lucky Ball Bracelet (PB999-03)

999 Pure Gold Lucky Ball Bracelet (PB999-03)

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Red Coral gives strength to the marriage life of the wearer and the long life of a spouse. It is beneficial for physical health and it also helps in removing obstacles.

Other Benefits of Wearing Beautiful Red Coral Gem

  1. Increased confidence- Moonga ratna makes the person ambitious, confident and helps him/her accomplish the goals or dreams. It can influence you as a person, changing your personality in many ways.

  2. Overcome obstacles- Since Moonga is related to planet Mars and carries its vital energies in abundance; it leaves the person fearless and emerge as a winner in all aspects of life.

  3. Wards off evil or “black magic” - The positive energies gained from the exclusive gem are extremely protective and saves the person from evil eyes, psychic harm and enemies of all kind. There is a strong protection against buri nazar and black magic with this lucky stone.

  4. Improves mental health- Wearing a stone as priceless and valuable as a moonga can help a lot to tackle issues like insomnia, mental depression etc.

  5. Healing Qualities- It has several healing properties too that helps an individual cope with circulation of blood, diabetes, acne, bruises and other skin ailments. Italian Red Coral is said to be best for handling physical health issues.

  6. Meeting Career Goals- Natural Red Coral  is just awesome for doctors, army officials, policemen, businessmen, scientists and manufacturers for financial blessings. Natural coral also helps in overcoming debts.

  7. Make Strong Relationships- Couples whose marital life is getting challenging can wear this auspicious gem for the unity, love and better bonding.