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Jade Leaf Pendant
Jade Leaf Pendant

Jade Leaf Pendant

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A Grade Jade Leaf Pendant - No Certificate 

Size: 6x2.5cm  

Weight: 41.19g

Jade leaves not only expresses its noble identity but also implies its warm and beautiful quality like jade. It has been passed down to the present and has become synonymous with noble, beautiful and intelligent women. Therefore, the jade leaves are popular among the public.

There is a great success in the industry – in the Chinese characters, “Ye” homophonic “industry”, describing the success of the cause, step by step. In addition, “business” and “leaf” are also “safe and happy”, describing family happiness, national peace, and security. “The great cause of success” and “living and living” are all good and good, and they are very good for business, family, and life.